Analysis of the Effect of Psychological Factors on Consumer Decisions for Purchase of Tribun Manado News in Manado City

Budi Nurgianto, Fredrik G. Worang, Bode Lumanauw


This type of research is research conducted using the Multiple Linear Regression
method to explain the direct and indirect relationship as well as simultaneously and
partially psychological factors from the variables of Motivation, Perception,
Learning, Beliefs, and Attitudes Toward Consumer Decisions to Buy the Manado
Tribune newspaper in Manado City, North Sulawesi. The research object chosen
was the Manado Tribune Daily Newspaper with a sample of 120 respondents. Data
analysis techniques with the help of SPSS v.22.0 software for Windows. The results
showed that motivation (X1) has a significant effect on Purchasing Decisions (Y).
Perception (X2) has a substantial effect on Purchasing Decisions (Y), Learning
(X3) has a significant effect on Purchasing Decisions (Y), Belief (X4) has no
significant effect on Purchasing Decisions (Y) ), and Attitude (X5) has a positive
and significant effect on Purchasing Decisions (Y). Simultaneously all X variables
have a significant effect on Purchasing Decisions (Y).


Motivation, Perception, Learning, Beliefs, Attitudes and Purchasing Decisions

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