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: Damhil Law Journal
: Damhil Law J.
: Biannual
: Indonesia, English
: Nur Mohamad Kasim
: Indonesia

Damhil Law Journal (DLJ) is a peer-reviewed journal published biannually (May and November) by the Postgraduate Program, Master of Laws, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo. DLJ is intended to be the journal for publishing results of research on law both empirical and normative study, especially in contemporary legal issues. The various topics but not limited to Private law, Civil Procedural Law, Economic Law, International Private Law, Tax law, Islamic law, Commercial Business Law, Trade law, Constitutional law, Administrative law, in the framework of Indonesian civil legal systems and Indonesian legal studies.







Please read and understand the journal scopes and author's guidelines for the preparation manuscript. The author who submits a manuscript to the editors should comply with the author's guidelines and template. If the submitted manuscript does not comply with the guidelines or using a different format, it will be rejected by the editorial team before being reviewed.
The editorial team will only accept a manuscript that meets the specified formatting requirements (downloadable at: Template and Author Guidelines). This template is designed to assist Author in preparing manuscript; it is an exact representation of the format expected by the editor. To use this template, please just Save As this MS Word file to your document, then copy and paste your document here.


  • The word limit for the submission is 3500-7000 words (including of footnotes and abstract). 
  • The sequence of manuscripts following: Title; Abstract; Keywords; Introduction; Method (for original research articles); Main Heading Analysis; Conclusion; and References.
  • Referencing style uses the Chicago Manual of Style.
Posted: 2023-03-17
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Volume 3 Issue 1 May 2023

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