Methotrexate Detection Based On The Optical Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes And Silver Nano Particles Nanocomposites

Fida Mohammad Mohammadi


In this experiment, glassy carbon electrode with multi walled carbon nanotubes
nanocomposites have been prepared in different concentration in order to see if
methotrexate is anticancer drug. For the purpose of characterizing the structures,
nanocomposites were analyzed by scanning electron microscope. Optical measurements of different concentrations were conducted by z-scan method and the results show that by rising the concentration, nonlinear refractive index and linear absorption coefficient increases. The values of nonlinear refractive index are in orders of πŸπŸŽβˆ’πŸ– π’„π’ŽπŸ π’˜.


nanocomposites of carbon, z-scan technique, silver nanoparticles, methotrexate

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