Strategi Ekonomi Non Industri Prefektur Kochi, Jepang Dalam Mempertahankan Populasi

Yosefa Putri Tanjungsari, Herlina Sunarti, Rima Novita Sari, Alpina Pamugari


Highlighting the implementation, obstacles and outcomes of the regional revitalization program using the tourism sector to attract workers and improve the local economy. This research is a qualitative research with data collection technique literature review method and interview. The results of this study indicate that the 11 cities in Kochi Prefecture are promoting an experiential-based tourism type that utilizes nature, increasing the number of foreign tourists by extending the reach of tourism information especially towards the Tokyo Olympic 2020 and developing new areas to add tourist destinations. The lack of manpower, facilities, infrastructure and bad weather is the obstacles in the implementation of regional revitalization. While the result of this program is an increase in the number of visitors in the last two years though not so significant.


Tourism; Regional Revitalization; Local Economic Development; Kochi Prefecture; Public Policy;

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