Settlement of Land Use Rights Disputes of PT Lebuni Plantations and Shareholders through Non-Litigation Channels.

Ferli Razak, Weni Almoravid Dungga, Julius T. Mandjo


Land is a gift that comes from God Almighty. Soil plays an important role for society and plants. one of which is realized by giving land rights to citizens for land farmers who play an important role in depending on their lives from crops. Land rights that have developed quite rapidly are Cultivation Rights. The usufructuary right contained in Law Number 5 of 1960 UUPA in Article 28 Paragraph 1 states that the usufructuary right is the right to cultivate land controlled by the state within a certain period of time for agricultural, fishery and fisheries businesses. The research aims to find the right solution for various land use conflicts, especially in optimizing the use of abandoned land. This solution is needed to avoid potential horizontal conflicts between communities, companies and the government.


Land Dispute; PT. Lebuni Plantation; Farmers.

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