Ewieth Citra Amalia Djamil, Jolanda Hulda Debora Pilongo, Sartin T Miolo


This study aimed to produce supplementary reading materials based on Local Wisdom in Fishery Study Program for eleventh grade students at SMK Negeri 2 Limboto because of the materials provided from the government and publisher that they used in English teaching and learning in the class are still too general. The concept of local wisdom intends to create the meaningful reading English learning process for the students because in terms of English teaching for vocational high schools, English aims to make students proficient in both written and spoken language to support their competence in a certain study program. In this study, the research design used was a Research and Development (R&D). The data was taken through the observation, interview with the teacher and need analysis questionnaire for the 24 students of Fishery study program. In conclusion, this study provides the book sample as the reference for teacher in fishery study program due to the limitation of the sources itself. Moreover, this sample book related to the students’ specification major.

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