DEVELOPING LISTENING MATERIAL FOR BUSINESS AND MARKETING DEPARTMENT (A Research and Development Conducted at Business and Marketing Department Grade X of SMK Negeri 1 Pulubala)

Dwi Yanti Fatriyani, Moon H. Otoluwa, Mery Balango


The aims of this research are (1) To find out the students’ needs in learning listening at the tenth-grade students of business and marketing department, and (2) To develop listening material for the student at the tenth grade of business and marketing department in SMK Negeri 1 Pulubala. This research is designed by using Research and Development (R & D) method. ADDIE model which was developed by Branch (2010) is used to design the listening material. The participants were English teacher and 28 students at the tenth grade of business and marketing department. The data was obtained from some instruments, namely questionnaire, interview, and document. Moreover, the data gathered from the students’ needs, analysis of syllabus, developing listening material for business and marketing department, expert judgment and expert validation, and the students’ responses after applying the listening material in teaching listening. The findings of this research show that the listening material was successful to develop students’ listening skill. These include (1) giving more opportunity for students sharpen their listening skill, (2) increasing students’ vocabulary especially relate to business and marketing field and (3) helping students to listening English easier. Thus, the listening material is eligible to apply in the classroom.

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